Get Yourself Prepared for the Spring Motorcycle Riding Hazards

Spring is coming. Those single bikers who haven’t ridden for the whole winter are eager to ride out to enjoy the warm sunshine and the ultimate freedom on their motorcycles. However, there are some special hazards during springtime riding that require all riders to be well prepared. Next, let’s take a look at those three main hazards on the road.

The messy road

Single motorcycle riders usually love to ride to the countryside to get close to the nature. But the road surface of the countryside is usually covered with mud and gravel that are washed and dragged onto the road by the melting snow. It will take a lot of time and workers to clean up all these. At intersections or steep slopes, there are sand, gravel and cinders. In farming country, the roads are unpaved and the driveways are likely to be tracked by the mud and gravel. Besides, when you are riding behind a car, you should pay attention to see the road that the car drive through. There might be sharp-edged pothole straddled by the car’s wheels.

Drives in the car don’t see you

Many drivers in the car selectively ignore the motorcycle and the single Harley rider on it. They may see you, but they do not pay attention to you. Because you are not the cars or trucks that can be a danger to them. So, after a crash, they would say five words at many cases – I didn’t see the motorcycle. Of course, the drivers are telling the truth. It is impossible to register all the things along the road in the brains of car drivers, which will cause sensory overload. Their brains will choose to exclude the non-essentials and to focus only on those objects that are a threat or survival to them.

Yourself are also the hazards

After a long break in the winter, motorcycle riders’ skills in the spring are never going to be as sharp as they are in the autumn. So, you should try several rides to get yourself back in the groove. However, rusty skills are not the only trouble to your spring ride. Motorcycle also need to be checked carefully. Pay attention to tires and brakes. Or search for some tips and articles on Google or the forums of online biker dating sites about how to prepare your motorcycle for the spring ride. And remember to be patient on the road.