When You Are not Sure If He or She is Your Dream Rider

It happens to all of us: when you finally met someone who you think has the potential to spend the rest of your life with, suddenly, and unexpectedly, an enormous amount of confusion will hit you out of nowhere and as a result, you are not sure anymore how to continue this kind of biker relationship with your Harley man or Harley women because of various reasons. So here is the main question: How can you tell if the motorcycle man or motorcycle women is the one for sure? In order to problems of the users of the registered single Harley bikers, bikerornot, one of the most powerful biker dating sites which has successfully helped more than 1,2 million bikers to find their soulmate, invited a bunch of dating experts to tell the confused biker man and biker women what makes him or her your dream date!

You can trust him or her.

As we all know, all kinds of long term and serious relationship is based on mutual trust and understanding, and the one between the biker girl and biker guy is not an exception. If your biker rider come off as someone who is not trustworthy, or you simply aren’t sure about whether he or she will be able to keep the secret for you, then you will have to think twice before taking the relationship to another level. More importantly, if you are willing to expose all your vulnerabilities to your partner, then it is one of those most convincing signs that the motorcycle girl or motorcycle guy is the right one.

You don’t feel awkward when you two are not talking

Plan a date? That’s what all the Harley girls and Harley guy do when they are in the initial stage of falling in love. But after a while, it is normal that the passion and enthusiasm will fade gradually. Thus there is more time for for biker babes and biker dude to spend more time together, while not specifically on a planned date. Some might feel kinda awkward or even bored, while other motorcycle couples, feel perfectly comfortable with each other. Feeling at east with your biker lady or biker gentleman while doing nothing is one of the most essential traits that he or she is your dream rider.

You are happy when he or she is around.

It is all about happiness when it comes to the motorcycle relationship with your motorcycle dude or motorcycle lady. So before take your relationship to another level, ask yourself if you are feeling happy around your motorcycle dude or motorcycle babies. If she or he does, then that’s what matters. It can even justify you ignoring all the restraints that the society imposes on you, and just go for a promising and prosperous life together.

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